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Nagoya Series 6 T99, 7.7 Ammo, Bayonet

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Series 6 Nagoya Type 99 in pretty good shape. No mum. Stock has some character to it typical dings here and there but no cracks. Small "1946" carved into the stock, must be the year the vet brought it back. Great shooter with a wonderful bore. Has the cleaning rod. The bayonet lug, bolt, extractor, and firing pin all match the last three digits of the serial number. However, I dont know if there from the same arsenal. The safety is not correct for this rifle but is 1 digit off from matching the other parts. Only reason Im letting it go is I have focused my collection on other things at the moment. $222 shipped (camera really distorts the crown it does not look that odd)

Material property Room Wood Metal
Auto part Wheel
Gun Firearm Rifle Trigger Air gun
Machine Wood

Selling some 7.7 Ammo as well. Dont have to many rounds left. 32 Rounds reloaded on once fired 30-06 brass. 150 grain, Soft Point. Will add in 7 reloadable brass casings already cut down. $48 shipped

Bullet Ammunition Gun accessory Brass Cylinder
Metal Auto part
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1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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