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Hi tick :

Type 99 Nagoya sniper # 680 if you are correct in your observation would be a new number for the files, and falls in between # 648 and 769. The two features you identify ( lack of wings and a short cleaning rod with the small hole ) are basically correct. Wings present are more common in the earlier production, while all Nagoya 99 snipers were issued with the short rod due to the manufacturing use of the 2 screw front barrel band, a feature of transition manufacture parts usage in 1943 onwards.
4x fixed / not user adjustable is the correct scope for any early production rifle such as # 680. The observed scope No. 9808 was made by Tokyo Shibaura Denki, the known production range is from No. 8375 to 10468, so No. 9808 is a good number falling in-between 9785 and 9856; this scope is a new number for the files.
The matching scope for rifle # 680 has not been reported thus far, but the scope for rifle 679 does exist. The matching rifle for the scope for 274 does not exist either, but rifle 275 has been reported .
By any chance was the Mum on rifle # 680 intact ?, was the bolt and front band matching ?.
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