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Dear Gunboards people:

I have two "Sport" Nagant revolvers. They are two different barrel types and different grips. One has a heavy barrel back to the frame, with a rotating wedge on the cylinder pin. This revolver shoots very well. Triger pull is heavy, but that is no problem for me. I can shoot one inch groups at 50 feet with "Hot Shot" factory ammo. I reload the boxer brass using a 30 Carbine die, and a Speer 100gr plinker bullet with 3.5grs of Unique. This shoots a little better than the factory ammo. The case mouth must be crimped down or it will hang up on the forcing cone. I load it like in Afganastan...punch out the primer, seat a new primer, flare the mouth, measure the powder, seat the 100 gr half jacket bullet, then size the case!, crimp down the mouth. By sizing the case when I do the bullet will not move, it is held on top of the powder charge. And I get under an inch groups at fifty feet. This load, and factory is right on with a 6:00 clock hold. The other revolver, has a bull barrel from the muzzle tell the cylinder unlocking pin (like on the military model) about a 1/2 inch from the frame. This one shoots about a foot low. The rear sight is not as high as the other I will have to make a higher rear sight blade. This gun has a very nice trigger pull, and it is very smooth, and the oversize grips fits my large meaty Russian hand well.

The sport Nagant revolvers are cool, and fun to shoot, and so is my military (1943) one. Real history from the Red Army, and the Great Patriotic War fighting the Nazi, German, Hitlerite, head-choppers who were not invited to the Motherland! Da!

Douglas George
From Russia with Love
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