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Hi all

Bought this one from a collector who said he had it for many years.
Very well made, nice thick leather is fairly soft, the revolver and the ammo fit perfectly and the shape of the holster is almost identical to the shape of the common Nagant holster without a flap and a pouch.
There are very sharp and grammatically correct Tula Imperial markings (in old russian) along with the Russian Imperial Eagle stamp (which is identical to the Russian Imperial cartouche on the Berdan II Tula rifle) on the inside of the holster.
If not for those markings I would presume it was just a custom holster most likely of a recent manufacture. What makes no sense to me is why would somebody put such great markings (which I've never seen before on the holster and would be very time consuming to recreate those stamps with such clarity) on the holster which does not even pretend to be a regular Nagant holster?
Is it even possible that it is some rare variant (or a copy of it)? Handgun holster Monkey wrench Revolver Gun accessory Antique tool
Handgun holster Footwear Gun accessory Revolver
Metal Artifact Bronze

Your expert advice is greatly appreciated
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