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45 years and just now there are protests, etc.

UN envoy, Suu Kyi hold surprise meeting

A U.N. statement said Ibrahim Gambari, in Myanmar to persuade the government leadership to ease its crackdown on an uprising that sought to end 45 years of military dictatorship

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Living in a violent and unstable military governmental environment? Sounds to me like you sorely tempt fate by not only speaking up against the ruling powers in public, but invite harm by publicly parading about in front of armed military goons.

Apparently the Monks hadn't either heard the US lefty rants about keeping 'church' and state separate. Better they stay inside the temple, pray for peace or even violent overthrow of their gummint, and maybe even eat a Volkswagen piece by piece, than to overstep their religious roles and get political.

Your fate may depend upon how you react to this question:

There's a big protest downtown in the public square. Lots of noisy, mouthy, smelly, 'disrespectful' folks are running around ranting against the folks in power.

The folks in power don't give a rat's ass about human lives or rights. They have helmets, clubs and lots-o-bullets. They aren't afraid to use any of their gear, & can be counted upon for having the itchy trigger syndrome.

Do you say:

[] I value my butt, so I'm gonna stay home today.


[] Hey, let's go downtown and run around in front of some loaded guns.

Choose your fate.
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