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My Savage had landed...

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Today I recieved my 1943 Savage No 4 Mk. 1*, sn 66C6573, from the shop. I have waited 2 months for the papers. They were lost in the mail, so I have to start all over again, bad luck :mad:

The condition is not quite as good as I have expected, but the barrel (2 grooves) is like a mirror inside :) The wood has a beautiful glance which is a bit difficult to catch with the camera. I love her just as she is :p

Tomorrow I will try it on the range to see how it shoots. Right now I'm a very happy man :D I love to have a new enfield and I can't wait to shoot her.
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Have just arrived from my test-shooting with the Savage. I must say, it shoots really great. :)

At this first test I shot at a short range, just about 50 meters, to see, how it reacted. No support were used (slings, rests or anything like that).

After some testing I found the aiming point and the rest of the shots were 10's. Half the rounds were modern PMC and the other half were old canadian 1943 Defence Industry (nitro-cellulose). There were no difference in the results, so the old stuff can still be used with good results.
1 - 2 of 3 Posts
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