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I have a Yugo 237/1940 K98k. The Maker/date are intact with only the WaA swastika peened out. Metal has the original blueing and all metal parts are matching except the bolt (which was a mismatch itself but retained all original German SN, WaA, and firing proof stampings). Stock may have been force matched to the rifle since it has a vertical SN on the buttstock but doesn't match the rifle. There is a second SN on the stock located UNDER the stock in between the bolt takedown disk and pistol grip (just like where you would normally find the SN on an original stock. The second SN matches the rifle and has the letter suffix too. H cartouch and WaA on the right side of the buttstock. Stock is laminate with a flat buttplate that is also WaA214 proofed and SN matching. Internal SN of handguard/stock don't match the rifle though with the stock having a WaA37 proof.

Here's the kicker! The bore on this is I would say 100% perfect! I swear if you cut it in half you could see your reflection in it. Barrel has the same WaA214 and SN as the receiver and is original to the rifle. Barrel Swastika firing proof on the left side had been hacked away though. It looks like they used a dull saw blade to hack it off. Sights, bolt stop, etc are all matching and WaA214 proofed. Even the screw that holds the bolt stop is WaA214 proofed. Trigger guard, floorplate and follower are all matching too. Some WaA214 markings were left unpeened too.

This K98k shoots unbelievably well for a rifle this old. It's almost MOA I would say using 1975/78 Romanian ammo. I believe it's mainly because of the matching rear sight system and pristine bore. Even the rear sight pin that holds the leaf is still there.

I can't believe the bore on my Yugo K98k is this "perfect." If not for the WaA, original SN, and hacked off Swastika, one would think it was rebarreled using a 2007 produced chrome lined 8mm K98k barrel. LOL :D

Got my Yugo K98k last year for $275. Missing a front sight hood. Came with a cleaning rod that may well be a reproduction. Also came with locking screws. The locking screws look original as it doesn't look like the current repro screws you can buy on eBay, Numerich, etc. The locking screws also look like they have the same patina/age as the rest of the metal parts. The two large action screws look original too but don't have the SN stamped on them. But then again for $275 I'm not complaining. :D

The stock is also as red as yours. Come to think of it, how come the Yugo K98k rifles mostly have this "red" stock? I mean the stocks are usually of German origin since they usually have the Army and WaA cartouches? Did the Yugos do any refinishing on these German stocks that would account for the reddish tint? Any input on this?

I wish there were more of these Yugo K98k for sale. I'd gladly buy more. Unfortunately for me, the only other Yugo K98k I've seen for sale here is the one with the the German date/maker completely ground off and polished away. Yugo crest had been stamped on the top receiver and the Preduceze 44 stamped on the side. No WaA remaining. This time it was a total mismatch except for the barrel/receiver. Bore was horrendous and the crown looked like it had been used to dig holes. Stock again had a redish tint. The bolt I think looked like a Czech bolt or some other kind of Mauser 98 bolt. Asking price was $295 on consignment. Not surprisingly enough I passed on it. Last time I went to that gunstore to pick up a Standard Modell it was still there.
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