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Ты лети с дороги, птица,
Зверь, с дороги уходи!
Видишь, облако клубится,
Кони мчатся впереди!
И с налета, с поворота,
По цепи врагов густой
Застрочит из пулемета
Пулеметчик молодой.


Эх, тачанка-ростовчанка,
Наша гордость и краса,
Конармейская тачанка,
Все четыре колеса!
I'll help you guys out the best I can. My Russian is not that good anymore :( the words within () I don't understand really. any other russian speaking person here please correct me. and yes this all rhymes in russian.

You fly away from the road, bird,
Animal move away from the road!
See, the clouds are forming,
Horses are galloping up front!
And налета(naleta), and from the corner,
By the chain of enemies are thick
Zastrochit (Will shoot/attack) from the machine gun
a young machine gunner


Ehh Tachanka Rostovchanka, (no clue what that is)
Our Pride and beauty,
battle chariot Tachanka,
With all four wheels!
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