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My new to me M38

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How'd I do?Any comments appreciated
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Welcome to the Forum . Looks to be in excellent shape from what I can see in the photos . Good that you have one since we have not seen any imported for 15+ years or more . I doubt there are many left in Sweden to export to the USA or elsewhere .
Have you removed the stock ? It may not be original to the rifle ? Most I have seen are unnumbered or mismatched converted M96 beech stocks . Rare to see a matching HVA M38 stock . The disc may have been missing & a collector added one to fill the cutout ( not related to the actual bore ) . Also , look to see if the barrel is a replacement with a " Crown/letter " stamped on it & on the wrist of the stock .

I doubt you can judge a bore by a photo posted on the internet . Clean it well & use your own eyes to judge it > A #2 it not a bad bore !
It may have it's original barrel ? The stock could be original or a replacement . Does it have a cartouche on the wrist of the stock ?

Is your stock a cut down M96 with some of the cleaning rod relief cuts filled in ?

Are your cocking piece & bolt sleeve ep'ed to match ?
1 - 3 of 8 Posts
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