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my new PSL

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I got 1, 5 round group out of it today and it shot 2''
It was 32 degres with a 16 mph wind and it was SNOWING !!!
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This was shot with 46gr of H4895 and 150gr pro hunter in 303.
I am now worked up to 49gr to get a higher velocity Deer load.
Nice rifle and good shooting. I have been working with H4895 and found that with the Hornady .303 Brit 150 grain SP I could squeeze the five shot groups down to 1.5 inches. What brass and dies are you using? I was real tempted to use the PSL for deer this year as I am convinced it would work great but didnt want to scare the locals!
You might have lost more than the mag pouch as the one that came with my rifle had a spare firing pin,cleaning kit and rod in the cover flap.
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the only brass I found was a box of reloadable Hotshot ammo I pulled and reloaded and Lee dies were All I found . Does anyone crimp this round ? As far as the fireing pin I didn't get an extra but I did get 2 scope coats . and some other stuff (pic later)
I crimp for sure as its an autoloader and bullets can shift seating depth while being stripped from the mag and chambered. I have just used the crimping groove on the Hornady bullets. I am using Lee dies as well. If you are using the standard expander ball assembly that came with the die set you are setting the case neck at .308". I found that this causes some spread in the groups as the bullet I am using is .312" and deforms the case necks when seated. I ordered an expander assembley for the .303 Britsh and installed it in my 7.62x54R die and now get the proper case neck dimention when resizing. It cut my two inch groups to one and a half inch. Not very expinsive and you can get it direct from Lee. I have the ordering information if you need it. I have some new loads to test using Varget powder when I can get to the range. Who would of guessed that one of my favorite rifles to play with shooting both milsurp and hand loads would be this commie AK platform auto loader. It never fails to draw attention at the range with comments that cover about all opinions one could hear about a firearm. I love it.
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