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my new PSL

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I got 1, 5 round group out of it today and it shot 2''
It was 32 degres with a 16 mph wind and it was SNOWING !!!
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This was shot with 46gr of H4895 and 150gr pro hunter in 303.
I am now worked up to 49gr to get a higher velocity Deer load.
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I am very happy with the condition of this gun the trigger is GREAT !!! I have heard the trigger was wide but mine is fairly narrow. The trigger is a 2 stage and the second stage is very crisp , I took a fine piece of sandpaper and smoothed out the furniture nicely . it also had 2 mags and all acc. however the day I went to pick it up the gun shop gave away the mag pouch to the guy that bought the other one :eek: !!! So I got screwed out of the mag pouch . If they get another PSL in I am going to remind them they owe me one .
the only brass I found was a box of reloadable Hotshot ammo I pulled and reloaded and Lee dies were All I found . Does anyone crimp this round ? As far as the fireing pin I didn't get an extra but I did get 2 scope coats . and some other stuff (pic later)

And yes my wife hates me too ! :D
1 - 6 of 19 Posts
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