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I like the early version best even though I don't have one. The design/quality didn't reflect the price for me. European wood and blued metal was less expensive and far more attractive to me.... I guess I fail to qualify as a US marital collector!!!!! I saw a collection of this type stuff in Portsmouth, Ohio. He had 2 guns and one 9mm conversion for them along with 10-12 other MGs from all nations including STG 43s. He had registered them all on one sheet of high school notebook paper. Price for everything, including a dozen Lugers was $125,000. I couldn't handle that back then. Maybe 1990.

In the 1970's, I went to a mansion style home to look about buying a toy train collection. That was all set up in a big bedroom (???) upstairs. He was going to show me something in a cabinet above a counter. He opened the cabinet door to expose two Grease guns inside, he looked both directions in that cabinet, closed the door and opened another with the comment, "Wrong cabinet."

This same clown had 10 MG 34s dewatted during the 1968 amnesty as he didn't trust the gov't not to simply just come and get them. Fool.........

And, while I am at it, I really dislike 'weapon'.......implies assault.....a brick can be a weapon, a golf club, hoe, stick.......what we are talking about here is specific, a gun generally, a MG specifically.

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