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I used to have a larger collection but sold all but these three carbines. I just picked up a 91/30 as well, since I was without the rifle version. The carbines are all 1944 dated. My M44, and one of my M38's have a hex receiver. The other M38 was simply a very nice Tula with good, strong markings and a great bore. The 91/30 is a 1932. I found it recently and just really liked it. I had been thinking of getting a 91/30 as there were no rifles in my modest collection.
P.S. I don't know why the pic of all of them together won't post. It is likely formated too large. Anyway, you can see the carbines in the pics. First two are of the 44. 3rd is the Tula round 38 and last is the Tula hex 38.
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