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I've been on a .22lr revolver kick as of late, and it looks like some kind of H&R would be a wonderful addition to the fold.

So would you all recommend looking for a 999, or are other models also worth considering?
An H&R 999 would be hard to come by today. I got mine back in the late70's-early 80's. They are bringing big money now, but not as much as a S&W model 17 dash 1,2,3.
I sold off my 17-3 last year for $750.00 (because I had gotten a 617 the year before).
As they say buy once cry once.
But the best you can afford (name brand) not hi-point:), you will not lose money.
When I was young I never had money to put in the bank but always had money to buy a new gun!
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