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My first NCO Sword

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I just picked up my first Japanese NCO sword yesterday and am really happy with it. Looks to be an Iijima-made sword with a fairly low serial and an iron tsuba. The blade is in excellent shape and has now dings, rust, or signs of resharpening as far as I can tell.

Pictures: Here

Swords are definitely not something I know a ton about, so what do y'all think? I'm kind of kicking myself for not getting one sooner!
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Get some good books and source materials and read and then read some more.... Nice catch......
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Looks good to me, have owned a few NCOs, have always passed them along at some point but should’ve kept one along the way. Nice looking piece!

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Thanks! I feel like I got real lucky with this and got it at a price I can live with.

Does anyone know about when this may have been made? Also, is Iijima any more or less rare than the other manufacturers?
I love the Type 95s. Wound up with 8 of them to get a representation of the major style variations.

I don't know anything about the Ijima factory, but my sense is that they were a fairly large operation. Seems I see them as much as Suya Shoten blades.

You can read up on them at these great sites:
Non-commissioned officers Gunto 1935 (Type 95 Guntō)/title> (

Short Development History of Type 95 Gunto (

IJA Type 95 NCO Sword Info (

There are a couple guys that could give you a specific year, but I'm not one of them! The type was authorized in 1935 and I want to say they were making about 18,000 per year (may be wrong about that), so this would put yours in the 1937-8 range.
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