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My experience with Waffen Werks customer service, April 2014

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NOTE: This is still ongoing. I cannot say yet definitively whether the WW warranty service is good or bad. I am not trying to say one way or the other, this is simply an objective documentation so people can compare with others' experiences.

In late August 2013, I traded a handgun for a Waffen Werks AK-74 stamped receiver rifle. This was amid all the panic buying, exacerbated by the looming assault weapons ban deadline in Maryland. I highly overpaid, none of the online retailers had ANY AKs in stock at the time, but I was happy with the fit and finish. Nothing was loose, sights and barrel were straight, and everything was brand new except for the surplus furniture, which I really enjoyed.

I discovered that the included mag was a russian plum magazine painted black, and I'm not sure if the gun store had it or if it was from WW. I got the rifle home, ordered some golden tiger ammo (this is my first AK) and some magazines, and when the ammo came I tried chambering a round. I quickly found out that no rounds at all would chamber without letting the bolt fly shut, and sometimes not even then. The rounds that did chamber I could not get to extract without pounding the bolt handle open with the heel of my palm (on one occasion I used the magazine). Extracted cases had deep scratches along the case wall from the rim. The same problem happened with the loose-fitting bulgarian commercial magazines, and the very tight-fitting Russian Molot 45rd RPK magazines. I never fired the rifle, for fear of getting out to the range and having to hammer open the bolt every round.

Yesterday, April 14 2014, I decided that I could afford now to pay to have the rifle fixed if Waffen Werks did not honor the warranty, so the rifle will be functional even if I have to send it to Rife Dynamics or something. I contacted Waffen Werks by phone first, with no answer. I emailed both addressed listed on, and exactly 1 hour 3 minutes later I received a reply from [email protected], where I saw that the company president had sent an internal email and asked for me to be taken care of. No questions asked, they just wanted my address so they could email me a return label. An hour later and I had my label printed. I paid $20 for a suitable box and pickup service today.

The rifle is now packed up and waiting to be picked up. I have to say so far I am very impressed with their quick response, especially considering what others have said.
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The rifle has been delivered to Waffen Werks. I will post when they let me know something (hopefully) or when the rifle gets back.
As of Thursday the rifle had been in their possession for 3 weeks. I emailed them Friday to see if there would be any estimate on when it would be done, or if they'd found any problems. I got a reply today, Monday, saying that they are moving to a new location and they will start working on rifles once they are moved. Kind of a bummer, I was hoping to have it back within a month seeing as others were sending theirs in for repairs during the insane gun buying frenzy and getting them back in 3 weeks. Maybe if I had known they were moving I would have kept the rifle a few weeks before sending it. Oh well. Hopefully I get it back before June.
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