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My "custom" 358 Norma Mag

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Original barreled action shortened to 22 inches, still has the irons, 24 LPI checkering really works, puts 250 Speer spitzers into less than an inch at a tad under 2800 fps with plain vanilla IMR 4895. :)

White line spacers weren't my idea! :p

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Very nice, Ted - my BRNO .358 NMag just loved 250gr. Speers and IMR3031. With that powder and bullet, top listed load in an old Lyman loading manual. I beat a 6x47 heavy Benchrest rifle, group for group one day at the range. The triple deuce was being shot by a benchrest shooter, one know for his accuracy. I had only a 12X scope on the rifle, compared to his 24X. Not one group from the ZKK602 was over .250". I was able to ignore the wind, but only shot when he did as I knew he was watching his flags. The velocity was pretty close to factory only.

So - what's the point - try 250 Speer's with IMR 3031 & CCI 250's. Forget that it's not a full case, that powder doesn't care. Incredible accuracy compared to any other powder in that rifle. I just tried it for a lark as I was out of IMR4350 at the time.
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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