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I have about 12 hours in this rifle trying to get it back to original condition. Lately I posted my exploits of hunting down Savage parts and then refinishing the wood. Well, as it was, I couldn't sleep last night. I was up about 4am and was looking for something to do. I decided to go down and start a detailed cleaning on the barrel receiver. I got it all lathered up in Hoppes #9 and was brushing away, when all of a sudden the barrel works loose from the receiver. I mean it was like taking a cap off of a diet coke. Initially, I had to laugh. The old video of the two guys talking about a ship saying "the front fell off" came to mind. Then, the heartache set in.

OK, so where am I with this thing. It times perfect when it stops threading by hand. So if I try to cinch it, It's gonna overtime. How much torque is supposed to be applied in setting the barrel? Do they make breeching washer for Enfields? Is that even viable. I have no barrel mounting tools. It's actually a pretty decent barrel in terms of erosion, but now I'm sure it was a replacement barrel at some point. Should I just sell the parts and start over.

Help me out here guys. Give me your best ideas.
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