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Good advice from Ed.

I believe that to fix it 'properly', a breeching washer is the way to go.

Rather than using a 10 thou shim, (which can and probably will distort when cranking the barrel stupid tight to 230ft/lbs), the shoulder of the barrel is set back .100 inch on a lathe. A washer .110inch is turned to suit and match profile. It is almost invisible, just a joint line.

Me, I would try the use of loctite first, but let my dumb-ass brother in law (everybody has one) crank off ten rounds rapid (here, old ma beer!) and see if it loosens up.

I have heard of shade tree gunsmiths using solder paste on the barrel threads and heating it up, not too sure about that one either. I have seen barrels that have been peened at the shoulder to give some metal to crush, but avoid those considering it to be the work of an amateur (Hi Bubba).
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