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My amazing Yugo SKS!

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Went on leave and had a chance to play with my milsurps.
I got a chance to shoot my Yugo SKS I got from PsychocontractorGuy a few months back at 50 and 75 yards. Basically a stock Yugo SKS still with a grenade launcher attached. The only mod I did was install a Tech sight aperture system.
Elevation was off but I dont have the tool needed to adjust it so I had to compensate.

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That there is 3 shots after firing at least six rounds down range @ 50 yards.

Circle Button

A few rapid fire down range after dialing in the right windage adjustment. Not too concerned with breathing here.

Auto part Subcompact car

This is a 75 yard group i had. that black circle is so small @ 75yards it's all I can do to keep my shots in the general area.
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Finally here is the SKS. Hope you guys enjoy my post.


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Nice shooting!

I got a dinner plate group with my M59 at 75 yds and I thought I was the baddest MF on the range... ;)
1 - 1 of 12 Posts
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