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My 1918 enfield

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just picked this up at a gun show for $125
looks to be original and well used
bore is in really good condition and its all matching except for the bolt which has had the number ground off. it is missing the screw from the cocking piece and it has a safety lever off a No4. it has a pinned adjustable rear sight and all of the screw heads have been ground down so there is no slot. There is some letters scratched into the stock that apear to be greek. now only if I could get it to talk

I did an autopsy in it tonight the only major thing I found is that it was rebarreled in 1930 and had the forend replaced with a previously used forend. thats the latest dated work I can find but some one repaired the safety and changed the bolt
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1 - 1 of 2 Posts
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