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FSR Rifle

Pretty neat FSR rifle if you ask me . You sure have a lock on all the FSR rifles comming into Canada .

The front sight looks like a standard Hauges type , one of several versions . I have not seen a two piece version like that . I have 2 different one piece versions , one is 17m/m inside diameter & the other 20m/m inside diameter . Both have the " L " shaped aperture inserts held by a locking screw on the side . It does not need to be drilled & tapped into the front sight base . The owner chose that modification on his own . The top 2 screws will straddle the front sight base & no need to anchor it to the base . A bit of over kill to me . Four screws clamped around the base & barrel would not move in my opinion .

The spring on the side looks altered a little to me . You do not usually see the notch on the front edge . Not sure the reason for that ?

Nice looking ELM stock as well . You got a keeper with this one . You are going to have to build an addition onto your house to keep them all in at this rate of purchasing them .
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