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Seinen's post of the T-30 carbine caused me to have to make a collecting decision. I chewed on carbine that until Ryland posted that he'd take it. I had to decide if I dare go for pre-Type 38 rifles in my scheme of things. I decided to stay with T-38 and later as Dirty Harry says "a man has got to know his limitations" :)
That being the case I'll probably list my T-30 rifle soon.
Now that brings me to the subject of this post. I have the scarce T-30 muzzle cover. It's shorter than the T-38 cover and will not work on the later rifle. What I'd like to do is see if I could swap it for a 1st variation T-44 muzzle cover. Both are scarce covers. This might help me & someone else out. Here is the cover compared with an early T-38 cover.
The T-30 cover is in excellent condition.
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