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Weeeeelllllllll, do’ya suppose that that’s why none of the Hollywood celebrities moved to Canada after the last Presidential Election? Canada wouldn’t let them :D
Also, if you’re denied entry into Canada ‘cause you’re on the FBI NCIC database……what do you do? You turn around and come back to this country…….. Um, ya’ think you might have a bit of trouble getting back into the U.S. if you’re on the NCIC database?

There are also reports of guys drinking in Maine, going to Canada to do more drinking, but not being allowed “in” because of an old DUI. Then coming back (probably half drunk as that‘s what they were when they left for Canada), they were stopped by U.S. Customs / Border Patrol, and having a very thorough (aggressive) search of their person, and vehicle because they are on the NCIC list.
peace activists refused entry into canada
In case you missed it.

This past Wednesday, October 3, two leading US peace activists were traveling to Toronto to attend an antiwar event. Medea Benjamin, cofounder of CODEPINK, and Ann Wright, a retired Army colonel and former diplomat, both tireless peace activists, were stopped at the border crossing at Buffalo, where they were detained and questioned for several hours.

It appears that Wright and Benjamin were denied entry into Canada because their names appeared on an FBI-run international criminal database. The women have been arrested several times while committing acts of civil disobedience to protest the war in Iraq.

You can read Wright's own description of what happened, in an interview with Amy Goodman.

NDP MP Olivia Chow called barring the women from Canada "absurd".
Both activists, clad in pink and backed by anti-war supporters holding banners, held a news conference outside the Canadian embassy in Washington yesterday.

They said they were astonished that the names of anti-war activists convicted of misdemeanours - such as trespass, the offence routinely used to clear peaceful protesters - had been added to the FBI's National Crime Information Center database.

"This is outrageous. I'm appealing to Canadians not to treat peaceful activists like common criminals," Ms. Benjamin said.

"I travel all over the world on a regular basis and Canada is the first country to use the NCIC to keep out people like us," said the veteran activist and founding director of Global Exchange, an international social justice movement.

Both women have previously visited Canada for anti-war meetings, sometimes at the invitation of Canadian activist groups or political parties.

Canadian border agents have access to the FBI's database. The border agents at the Rainbow Bridge at Niagara Falls who barred Ms. Benjamin and Ms. Wright said the mere fact that they were listed on the NCIC was sufficient to bar them from entry.

"The people at the border were almost apologetic. ... One of them said he thought the war was terrible," Ms. Benjamin said. She said the Canadian immigration official told her that he had no choice. "He said it wasn't up to him."

In Ottawa, border agency spokesman Chris Williams denied that simply being listed on the FBI's NCIC database would automatically bar someone from entry to Canada.

"Entry is always judged on a case-by-case basis," he said.

However, the actual basis for denying entry to anti-war activists remained unclear.

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After the publicity, I wonder if it will happen the next time they go to Canada ?

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Once went from Detroit up to Windsor for the... er... "ballet."


Coworker with me was 33, still living in Mommy's basement, never outgrew his "fratboy" daze.

Needless to say, I was driving.

I probably shouldn't have been, no doubt I was hovering around .08 but was nowhere near intoxicated. My "companion" on the other hand... :rolleyes:

I gave him a strong lecture on the way -- try not to be an idiot while we're dealing with the border patrol.

So, we hit the border station coming back to the US.

Man asks where we've been, I tell him "Windsor."

"How was the ballet?" he asks with a ;).

"Great!" says I.

"Got any cubans?"

"Smoked 'em all."

"You guys been drinking, have you?"

At this moment, my idiot coworker could no longer contain himself. Practically falling out the window, after literally crawling over top of me to get to the driver's side, he makes "devil horns" with both hands and screams:

"Duuuuuude! We are SOOOO FUUUUU****d UUUP!!!!"


I grabbed him by his ear, as my grandma used to grab me as a kid, and not so gently pulled him out of my lap and back to his seat, where he pouted like a little kid, rubbing his ear... "Not cool, man -- not cool" he says."

I look back at Mr. Border Patrol, who is clearly wavering between amused and NOT amused.

"Sir..." says I, "As you can see, my friend is an idiot. As you can no doubt see, he's always the 'designated drinker.' I am the designated driver."

"Want to blow a breathalyzer for me?" he says.

"Honestly, sir, I'd really rather not."

"How far is your hotel?"

"Just a couple of miles."

"Promise to go straight there"


"Get the heck out of here." as he raised the gate."

"Thank you, sir" says I, then notice the gate coming back down.


"Sir?..." he says



He finally succeeds in getting the attention of my idiot-coworker.

"You're an idiot. You're clearly too old to be acting like a frat boy who just discovered beer. Grow up a bit before you leave the US again -- you make the rest of us look bad."

As idiot got ready to mouth off, I shouted over him "Thank you sir -- have a good night!!" and rolled up my window. He stared at the idiot in the passenger seat for what seemed like forever but was probably just a couple of seconds, before raising the gate and letting me go.

We made the hotel without further incident, and the idiot passed out. I took great pleasure in torturing him and his hangover the next day.


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Wow, I haven't seen a good "ballet" in years. I guess I should go to the bank and get some $1's......
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