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I have a Type 38 Arisaka 26th Series with a complete mum. Finish on the stock is about 70% Kokura Arsenal with a serial number that indicates a manufacturing date of sometime in 1941, I received all this information from the good folks here at Gunboards. It doesn't have a dust cover. I bought a firing pin spring and front trigger guard screw from Don at jparts, again from information here at Gunboards. I cleaned up the metal with 3-1 oil and a brush. Cleaned the stock with warm soapy water, put everything back together and now, I can't get the stupid bolt to open. Knowing me, I'm just holding my tongue wrong and squinting with the wrong eye.

Down to business. I asked the good folks here to give me a reasonable fair price for this rifle. riceone and others seemed to agree on $250.I have reduced the price to $200. I have a C and R license.

Last Reduction $200 shipped. If it won't go for that, back to the gun cabinet.
PayPal or Postal Money Order.

If trading, I can have a trade shipped to a couple of different 01 dealers in my area. I know it's a long shot, but I would trade for a good .22 pistol along the lines of a Ruger Mk III or 22/45, Browning Buck Mark, or a Taurus 940 with a long barrel.

Thanks for looking

Oops. Forgot to add the number stamped on the upper wooden hand guard is 811. The same number is above the trigger on the trigger assembly and on the magazine assembly.

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