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Doss, don't worry! I have been putting green arrows up on the old sh.. make that stuff. I've covered all but about 5 pages of the 154 pages of history. I will try to have those done sometime tomorrow. I also have about 300 more pictures to put in the old stuff on pages 5-8 of the new boards. A few of these that have more than 12 pictures will get bumped up to the head of the line but they will be the only ones you will see. Threads are disappearing off of page 1 pretty fast now. Please bear with me. The pain will soon by over! I'm sick of it too. I've gone thru 7681 topics and 57,255 replies. I've worn out a mouse and my monitor flamed out yesterday. But I have learned a lot and I wouldn't trade the experience for anything.


BTW are you still planning on being at Houston show? If so I'll let you kick me in the ass in person. :eek:

Also, I'm not the only one doing this! Thanks to all that have helped.
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