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Among men he was The Man. I knew him for 18 years and will remember him the rest of my life, I learned more from "Brush" or "Chuck" than I could have from anyone else in this business of "hearding cats". Among the stories (not 'tales') he told me is how he joined the Navy. He was a "sundowner" in Navy basic (probably couldnt do that nowadays). One of the first SEALS, a Viet Nam Riverboat man for I think 5 years, many tours of the Rung Sat Zone. 3 Bronze Stars, 1 (or 2?) Silver Stars, and 5 Purple Hearts...
My Dad had spent a couple of years in Can Tho, upriver(?) from Brush's base and it was great to hear from someone who had been forward 20 years: countless scuffles with our 'clients', many training hours, a High Master in martial arts..I can't say enough. He once told me of an Island on a river or lake in Washington state, just in from Idaho and just down from Canada that he really loved, he said it was peaceful...................Ours hats are off to you Brush! You can't be replaced!
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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