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I think this one is kinda interesting, found it in a batch of refurbs.

Most of it is original matching. Both the bolt and magazine floorplate have cyrillic letter serial prefixes, are in the same font as the receiver, and tellingly both still bear the characteristic midwar roughcut machining marks, so no way can they be scrubbed and restamped. I haven't found any non-Izhevsk parts on the entire rifle. Note that the barrel is unusually smoothly machined for a '43, and that the bluing on the barrel is turning a bit "plum"

It's possibly been moved to a different stock (or possibly the original stock was just repaired/refinished). Reasonably sure that the stock has been sanded, note that there is no sign of a cartouche on the right buttstock, just some kind of weird refurb (or something) symbol. When I first saw the symbol, I thought is was stamped in, but if you look closely you can see it's actually scratched in with some kind of sharp instrument (and fairly neatly for being scratched). That, and the stamping you can see in the photo of the buttplate top are the only markings on the stock. I can't tell much about the buttplate serial, as somebody at the armory really slathered it in that ubiquitous black paint. Also, note that the person who shellaced it left his thumbprint for posterity! lol

It has a pretty good bore- little or no pitting, just slightly rounded lands, and a decently tight muzzle with no apparent cleaning rod damage.

It apparently saw some use after it was refinished: the somewhat ratty, beat-up condition you see here is how I found it sitting among its refurb brethren.


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