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Hi Guys, who knows if this part;

has the same outside dimensions as this part;

I know the inside diameter of these 2 collet sleeves (where the mandrel goes through) are different, but if the outside dimensions are the same then i will have a oversized / custom 308 Win mandrel made, and order that 303 sleeve.

With that i will be able to finish a 7.62x54r collet neck sizing die for my PU.

I already did some tests with the 308 win collet die, and once i put a .063 washer between shell holder and 308 Win collet it sizes beautifully and only where it needs to size, except that it sizes the neck to .305 instead of .308 / .309

Ideally i'd like it to size a little larger so i don't have to use expender plugs for the cast bullets i'm loading, and work the brass even less.

And yes, i could order a custom made 7.62x54r collet die, but i will save a good chunck of change if the only custom part i need to order is that oversized 308 Win mandrel and 303 Brit mandrel sleeve instead of the whole thing. ( and i like to assemble / figure out something myself )

If that 303 brit mandrel sleeve is different then i will have to get a second 308 win collet sleeve and have the inner diameter enlarged to accomodate the oversized mandrel, which would be extra work....
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