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Is there really a shortage of Mosin Nagants right now ?

I overheard a conversation at Gander Mountain ( always stop by to check stock for any "special" ones ) the other day about how noone could get then in any real quantity right now.

Seems like I heard that somewhere else also.

I wanted to by my son an M44 for Christmas so I ordered a laminated stock M44 from SOG yesterday.

Just got an e-mail that they were out of stock on laminates and the plain stocks are now $ 99.

I am not too surprised on the laminate being out of stock but the price hike on the regular stock was a bit of a surprise.

That's what the local Gander Mountain sells them for.

I just bought an M44 from SOG about a month ago at $ 69.

Not trying to start a run on them or something crazy like that.

Just want to know the real scoop from you guys.

By the way, my son is 12 and loves to shoot my Finn capture Izzy 91/30.

Thought he needed his own Mosin Nagant.

Anyone have the real news ?

Thanks !


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Thanks for the replies.

That is good news.

I will check around some of the other C&R dealers online and see what I can order.

We don't have Dunhams or Big5 in North Carolina.

We do have a Gander Mountain in Greensboro so I stop there with my Mosin Nagant "cheat sheet" to check for any rare ones.

They usually have M44s and 91/30s for $99.

Not too bad if you find an ex-sniper ( saw a couple last week ) or MO or DDR.

I have not bought any there since I have my C & R but it is fun to look.

Its also interesting to listen to some of the comments !

Its also interesting to see how some of the rifles are labeled for sale.

We saw a "6.5 x 55 Swedish Mauser" Carcano and an "6.5 x 55 unknown FAT" Carcano for sale.

Someone did finally correct the label after a couple of weeks !

Sadly, Bubba had already gotten hold of them or I would have bought one.

Thanks Again !

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