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In assisting an author with a future book, a question has arisen regarding details of the Pederson Device designed to function in the Mosin Nagant rifle. Remington's Pederson developed a pistol cartridge and semiautomatic device that replaced the bolt in a rifle to provide volume fire in WWI. Examples exist for the US M1903 Springfield and Model 1917 rifle. Vol.2 of Wrobel's "Drei Linien" has two photos of gun writer William Edwards firing a Mosin Nagant with Pederson device.

1. Is there different published source detailing the Mosin Nagant version other than the Edwards photographs? Has someone handled or observed one?

2. What was the method of locking the device into the rifle? The Springfield used the cutoff. The 1917 from pictures (Brophy's "The Springfield 1903 Rifles") seems to lock into the receiver clearance for the bolt root.

Thank you.
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