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M91/30s are not my usual interest, but it would stand to reason that some changes might of been made, partially because of wartime material shortages as well as late stage production modifications. But as already stated the interchangeability had to remain so any changes would be minor. After so many years and millions of rifles produced they wouldn't want to loose the interchangability of this series of rifles. An interesting topic
just the same. For me any mfg changes in production are interesting.

Cannot contribute to the later 91/30 questions, but the only difference I have seen in older bolts is some have a much larger knob on the bolt body/cocking handle {for lack of better words}. Some have a stepped shaft near the base of bolt body. Some appear to have a center point hole in the bolt knob {like it may have been centered in some sort of fixture or possibly a lathe?}. Bolts from the more early rifles which are usually mismatched and from various mfg are a study in themselves. Interesting. Cheers, John.
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