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Mosin-Nagant Followed Me Home!

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We stopped by the Panama City gunshow today on our way out to Lowes/Home Depot (Million + honey-do list), and a stray 1932 Izhevsk M91/30 hexed receiver followed me home (Don't know how that happened). Looks like any other refurb I've seen in appearance, Has a few stock repairs to it, coated in cosmoline etc....But I can't find the "Slashed Box" mark on the stock. In fact there are no markings on the stock at all that I can find. The barrel has the Wreath around the Hammer and Sickle stamp, along with the year, serial number and the Izhevsk arrow and triangle, then there is what looks like a simple box stamped on the receiver and also a PM. Nice repair to the stock under the receiver on the left side, and screwed in sling slots.Any ideal what the box stands for and the PM? Didn't get around to looking at the rifle until after dark, so I hope these pics turn out well enough to see.
This brings the Mosin-Nagant herd total to 5 now.
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Just like I told my wife about the stray kitten, "If you let it in the house, it'll never go away". Kitten just turned nine years old last month....

... You left the door open, didn't you? Yeah. That's what I thought.
I like the stock repairs. Nice pick-up !
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