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Mosin-Nagant barrel (section)

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- I'm looking for one old barrel (or one barrel section) for the Russian M1891 or M1891/30 bolt-action rifle. I don't need the receiver. If the barrel is full length is OK. If the barrel is not full length, I need a section about 5 or 6 inches measured from the muzzle to the rear but not less than 4 inches. The barrel MUST have the original front sight complete and in very good condition because I want to attach to the barrel (or the barrel section) the M1891 or M1891/30 socket bayonet. I prefer the barrel (or the barrel section) to be free of rust or pitting, I don't mind the dirt. The bore condition is not important.
If anyone has what I need, please let me know. Thanks in advance for any help, Lido 02/17/12
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i am receiving a piece of barrel in mail tomorrow from an ebay transaction. i need it to open bayonets so they are not forced on,but still tight. i have 7 bayonets.
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