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Member Ol' Relic was kind enough to post some pages from the manual that came with his "new" PU Mosin.

Interestingly the manual comes from Tula and shows a new Tula logo rifle stamp (the famous Tula hammer in a triangle and circle "C") for "Tulsky oruzheiny zavod", so maybe they are back in the Mosin refurb business at Tula. (Sadly, when I was there they didn't know what "MO" meant, not that I do, either!)

The Tula tademark logo and rifle stamp means Тульский оружейный завод, or Tula Arms Factory -it would be nice to know if they have reopened the old factory. Many tens of thousands of Mosins were refurbed there postwar, said the curator, but nothing was happening last year when I visited.

The PU snipers have been magically recertified into hunting rifles. The same magic was done by Saiga, who with a sporting stock turned Kalashnikovs into sporting rifles legal even in Kalifornia. The power of a rubber stamp!

Anyway, here is the recent page of proofs and markings, some old and some new:
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