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Mosin (and other weapon) collector shooting at Quantico

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Quantico will allow us to shoot our Mosins or Finns now (this is confirmed) at the "As-Issued Military Rifle Rec Fire Match"
the club hosts. The next such match is 18 March and the web site above gives more data.

There will be all models of older military rifles there, most will show up with a M1
Garand. Nevertheless, while Garands seem to be the majority, don't let that phase you.
Bring your Mosin / Finn, Enfield, MAS, Arisaka, K31, Mauser etc and shoot. Great ranges
and great shooters show up for these matches and its a great shooting experience.

These matches are open to all, you do not need a sponsor or be a club member.

Be sure to pull up the USMC regulation (also on that web site) for proper storage and
transport of your weapon onto the base. Real easy !

Directions to range are also at web site. Any questions : email or PM me.

This is your chance to shoot on a world class rifle range all day: what are you waiting for !
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I only wish I lived closer.

Looking forward to an AAR. So, you going with the M39, or the Enfield? (ETA: Oh, yeah, you just got that Arisaka.....;))
LOL. I want you shooting next to me at my next match!:laugh:
Who confirmed that you could shoot Mosins in this match? They've had a long-standing ban on 7.62X54R ammo, as well as other Russian calibers. Click on the rules link on the left side of the web page. The rules still show the following, "Ammunition Restriction The following ammunition is restricted from use until the Marine Corps can complete dispersal area testing and determine the allowable safe usage. These include, but are not limited to:
5.45 x 39 mm
7.62 x 25 mm
7.62 x 39 mm
7.62 x45 mm
7.62 x 54 R
9 x 18 mm"
From the CMP forums:
1 - 3 of 8 Posts
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