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I know a bubba that has a couple 28-30`s. Stocks are worthless sanded and body filler in them, . Barrel and action are good shape with missmacthing bolts. One action has been painted with high temp paint ,Believe it or not it dont look too bad but its painted arggggg! I saved 2 28-30`s a couple mosin m39`s and a SVT from him a while back.
My question is what is a 28-30 action worth ball park. One is in great shape other is painted black.
Im afraid he will saw the barrel off them next !

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I bought a M27 barreled action from preachere a while back for $175.00 or so.

Most folks would not have paid that much for such an action. The 28-30's? The non painted one....mebbe 100 bucks. The painted one...mebbe 50 bucks. They will never have the collectablity and will be less desired. I have restored three Finn's & two Swedes & it was alot of fun & I do not care about the collectibility. Only you can decide what you want to pay for parts guns.

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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