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Frikkin Power Hungry Mongrol.....I hope he Looses everything in this Civil suit.


Morehouse police chief
faces assault charges (Georgia)
By Walter Geiger

Vernon Worthy, chief of police at Morehouse College in Atlanta, was bound over to Lamar superior court November 24 on charges of aggravated assault, false imprisonment and pointing a gun at another.

Worthy was booked into the Lamar jail and later released on a $5000 bond.

Three additional charges of terroristic threats and acts, kidnapping and impersonating a police officer were dismissed by chief magistrate William Thomas at a hearing in magistrate court that lasted three hours.

The charges were sought by Nathaniel Rooks of Barnesville who testified he got into a confrontation with Worthy while hunting on a piece of property off Willis Road. Rooks claimed he was given permission to hunt the land by David Harris who oversees it for owner John Goodrum.

Harris confirmed in court Rooks has permission to hunt. Worthy hunts an adjacent tract, according to testimony.

Rooks claimed he was in a deer stand on the property on November 11 when he saw someone enter the field. He said he climbed down from the stand, took off a camouflage mask, slung his rifle over his shoulder and approached the man.

Rooks testified Worthy then pulled a pistol on him and ordered him to lie face down on the ground. He said Worthy forced him at gunpoint to roll away from his rifle and toss away his cell phone.

“He told me ‘I will blow your (expletive deleted) brains out if you try anything’,” Rooks said of Worthy. He testified he feared for his life, started praying aloud only to hear Worthy say, “God is the only (expletive deleted) who can help you right now”.

Sgt. Shane Moore of the Lamar sheriff’s office testified he responded to the scene and found Rooks face down on the ground with Worthy standing over him. Moore described Worthy as irate.

DNR ranger Keith Page also arrived at the scene. He testified Worthy admitted to him he had pulled a handgun on Rooks and forced him to the ground.

“Mr. Worthy wanted me to arrest Mr. Rooks but it turned out Worthy was on the wrong land,” Page testified. He described Rooks as being pretty shaken up. “I could tell something had happened. He talked about his wife and kids. I could tell he was scared. He was not aggressive at all,” Page said.

Page also took issue with Worthy pulling a gun. “There was no reason for a gun to be pointed at Rooks. I’ve approached hundreds of deer hunters and have never had to pull my sidearm,” Page said.

Worthy’s attorney Lynn Whatley questioned Page’s experience. “You’re saying you have better judgement than a 42-year police officer,” he asked. “In the woods, yes,” Page responded.

Barnesville municipal judge Jim Granum testified he was visiting caretaker Harris and went to the scene with him. Rooks had called and left a message for Harris from his deer stand when he first saw Worthy.

Granum said Rooks was on his knees looking “extremely frightened” when he arrived. He described Worthy as “extremely aggressive and very angry”.

“I saw things that frightened me a lot. Rooks was on his knees. Worthy had a gun. Rooks was not free to move or free to leave,” Granum said.

Worthy barely spoke during the hearing. Whatley called no witnesses. He called for dismissal of all the charges but admitted Worthy was on land he did not have permission to hunt.

“This is a civil case. Let the civil authorities handle it. There was no criminal act. Mr. Worthy was trying to protect property he thought he had charge of,” Whatley argued.

Whatley tendered as evidence two badges belonging to Worthy - one from Morehouse and one from the Atlanta Police Department with the rank of major.

Rooks’ attorney Karen Martin called Worthy’s APD badge a keepsake that is no longer current and said her investigation showed he was not POST certified. Whatley refuted that claim.

Martin also had with her a printout of a news story on a previous case in which she said Worthy was charged with acting inappropriately.

After being bound over, Worthy was processed through the sheriff’s department and released on bond.

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lesson number 1, if approaching what you percieve to be a poacher/trespasser, do not "sling" your rifle...... keep it in a defensive posture. he did the right thing calling someone before getting out of the stand. it's wildwest days trying to hunt your own property these days, i know. be prepared. by having his phone to his ear on approach, he may could have avoided having the pistol pulled.
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