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If those on the "no fly" list were truly dangerous people (based on nothing but suspicion alone) who cannot be allowed access to any firearms, then why are they even on the street? Can anybody point to one incident that was stopped because the perpetrator was on that list? Can anybody even point to one incident of somebody on the list committing an act of violence with a firearm? What a joke! It is time we got rid of this.
Once you get on the lists; you can't get off. Anybody with a similiar name is s--- outta luck. Our corrupt regeime has falsely tagged an active duty US Army general and an eight year old boy. I saw then on CNN a few years ago. Not likely the mass media will give this much free publicity, to everybody else that gets burned. Too many of them.

This is just more of the Police State's PATRIOT ACT beauracracy. Are you for those secret trials too? Here is your NAZI Congress at it's best. Nice to see the anti-gun fascists jumping on the banwagon. Last week they were calling Arizona the new Third Reich. How dare those neo-Nazis crack down of drug cartel gangsters who shoot cops with AK-47 assault rifles.

You know something is rotten to the core; when it's loudest proponents are the likes of Lautenberg, Schumer and their gang...
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