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Received an article for B'ZAI from The Earl of Sakaida, KCF, DUI, etc. (Henry Sakaida) who just returned from a trip to Mongolia and the Khalkhin Gol battlefield where the Japanese and Russians fought in 1939 (or was it 38?)

Henry ran into the same NCO swords in both the local Dept. stores and flea markets, all looked well used and original. The handles (tsukas) on all were wire brushed which apparently is the identifying factor as to their reproduction status. Henry notes that some have sold through ebay and goes on to state if you want an original NCO sword you had better buy one before the market is flooded with the fakes. The Dept stores also had French cavalry sabers, French in Mongolia?

Last weeks AMCA show in Huntsville had a Chinese repro sword for around $100, marked as a repro, a few tables away was another Chinese repro for $350, but not IDed as newly-made in China.
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