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hello again,

A few months ago, posting as gravermak, I asked a few questions about how to finish a polished 1972 era Mod 94 receiver. I decided to try case hardening. The pictures below show the results!

I inlayed the gold wire at the muzzle and breech, but the other work was done by friends in return for engraving I did for them.

The barrels are rust blued, and all the other non cased parts were carbona blued.

It shoots dead on, and keeps 5 rounds in an 8" circle off hand at 100 yards for now.

I had heard that these could not be re blued or colored, but I'm glad it came out so nice. I kind of wish I had done more engraving on it, but the colors stand alone very well. I tend to think that case colors and engraving "compete" against each other. I've engraved a couple of SAA where only the blued parts were engraved. They looked good.

The forend is factory, with a nice red stained oil finish. The butt stock was a factory second from Numrich.

Hope this inspires some others out there, but then again, I had help from the best. I could not have afforded this work in normal circumstances!

Thanks for looking,


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