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Picked up M1891 long rifle on the cheap from LGS the other day. It has been while since I bought a Carcano and frankly did not realize how scarce parts had gotten, but that is a another story.

The rifle has a 1918 dated barrel, and the entire gun, both wood and metal were painted with shellac. Not that big of a deal, as it comes off pretty easily from metal especially. I guess this was done back in the day to keep things from rusting? Anyway I love an old ugly gun that nobody cares about and needs some love. Otherwise it did not appear to be Bubbafied in any way. Full of crud, but no import marks.

So I went to take it apart to clean it and get the shellac off the metal, and the barrel spun in my hand as I was removing the lower band. I thought that was odd; so I investigated further and found the barrel was only spun on finger tight (in other words completely loose). So I thought okay we can remedy this we will just tighten it back up. However if you even snug it up you can see that the index lines on the bottom of the barrel and receiver are misaligned by as much as 1/4". This puts the front sight out of alignment badly. There is also no way that you are going to get another full turn on it.


So I spun the barrel off and the threads and the shoulder look okay to me; but what do I know I have never taken the barrel off a Carcano. M1 Garand yes; lot of times.


So then I looked at the receiver and I was less comfortable; but again what do I know.





I am a gluten for punishment, like a challenge, and need something to do; but there is always live to fight another day.

Can be just a wall hanger; but honestly even though it has a mismatched bolt it has the smoothest action of any of the Carcanos that I own, even full of crud. Most are like the action is filled with gravel.

I am open to suggestions.

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