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Hello Everyone;

I hope this is the correct section, sorry if its not!

I acquired this from a friend after his Dad passed about eight years ago.
I am a novice collector, but longtime shooter.

I was going through some rifles the other day, and started looking it over, did some research and found the forum section.

I think its a Model 1 made for japanese navy by Beretta(?) Is this correct?
It has PB in two places, and pictures show other details.

I read that 15,000 were made for the Japanese Navy but saw another number posted also.

Thanks for any assistance with the "fine details" / info on this rifle. I know many of you know these inside and out, so appreciate the help. Appears to be in very nice condition.

Let me know if I can provide more pictures or where to look for any import marks or other details.



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Yes, you found the right place and welcome to the forum. Actually your rifle is called the Type I (eye). In Military Rifles of Japan, it is stated there were 60,000 made starting in 1938. P. Beretta was one of several Italian arsenals that made them. The serial number and a PB stamp on yours are about all you'll find on them. Being brought back after WWII, there won't be an "import" mark on them. The two piece, dove-tailed buttstock, cleaning rod and release, stock and rear sight, is Japanese design. The bolt is Italian design.

Dean (the other one)

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I believe the general is correct, stock is refinished.

It is believed that they were bought under contract for the IJN. In addition to Beretta, others also produced the rifle.

Total numbers, up to 120 k, letter blocks through L were used, IIRC. There is a thread on these in the stickys in the Italian forum with production data, again IIRC.
Your "G" serial would indicate some 78k up to that point.
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