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MN PU scope covers from R-Guns

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Here are some covers I bought today. R-Guns sell them separately because there were less covers than the scopes, but, once again, they were worth buying:
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I paid $120 for all three, each of them worth different $ , but don't know how much they would charge per one.
I think they don't have as many covers as rifles and during first two days of sales they did not even offred them at all, I don't think they knew about them included at all, so when I bought three rifles back then, I bought them as they were- without scope covers. Later, when Vic inspected inventory, they found them and figured out it was less covers than scopes. But when you buy a rifle don't forget to ask about covers - maybe they will include them with rifles.
Heck, you bought several. Why did you pay? You made customer of the month!
Believe me - I am not a customer of the month, I saw boxes with PUs ready for pick-up in sales room and I saw shipping labels on them, so, please, don't call me a customer of the month.


Thank you for clarification. I just noticed today that the cover on the top, with small tool compartment, is not a PU cover, it is either SVT or PEM. MN Experts, what do you think?
1 - 5 of 15 Posts
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