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Mk 1 No3 Bolt head question

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I have a BSA No3* 1918 in beautiful condition. It has a slight headspace issue, primers slightly protrude regardless of ammo- light or medium hand loads, Wolf or Privi all look the same. The only markings I can find on the bolt head are MA 45??? Mine measures .640" or 16.27mm. Are the different bolt heads for the No3 like the No4's??? If so, what would be the next size up assuming I could find one??? Thanks for you help
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Unfortunately the answer, in short, is no.
You are going to have to get your calipres out. There is a seller on ebay who regularly sells boltheads with sizes reported, you are going to have to hunt for a slightly bigger one, then make sure it "clocks" correctly to the bolt.
MA 45 is not a size mark.
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