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Mitchell's at it again?

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Lastest Rifleman has add for 1934 Standard model rifles stocked in walnut K98k stocks. Story is they were made for 'hunting rifles' but the military took them over and made K98k's from them. Usual brand new looking rifle, of course, with Mauser banner on reciever with 1934 date. Real collectors items!
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Aaaaahhh more "treasures" from the past.
They are making what you think that you want.
No, a hunting/sporting rifle which the 'German military secretly acquired to make the first K98k's'! Never mind no hunting rifles were ever made with recievers so marked or were there any K98k's made with those markings! They were commercial military rifles with diferences from the K98K's!
I e-mailed the NRA and said they should be ashamed to run ads which are crossing the line between deception and fraud! Don,t expect to hear from them!
I saw this ad and laughed. Somebody at MM has a very lively imagination. They're 1934-date RCs with a new story. That's some funny-assed sh*t.
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