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Missing washer / bushing

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Hey team

After taking the old girl (Mk4No1*) apart, soaking the woodwork in loving amounts of RLO, I plan to put her back together to see what has improved what and by how much. then possibly onto the next step.

One annoying part is that I see from diagrams that my Mk4No1* was meant to have a washer or bushing? under the trigger guard assembly, sadly it does not.

Does anyone have the measurements of the washer / bushing that I need to locate, find or replace to help the old girl back to her true potential?


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The Australian parts manual is a little off or incorrect in some areas, below are corrections made by a sober American draftsman. :rolleyes:

The Trigger Guard Screw (No.19) has the split lock washer (No.20) under the head of the screw and the trigger Guard Bushing (No.11) is in between the trigger guard and receiver.

New Trigger Guard Bushings come in one size (Loooong) and must be correctly fitted as below.

I just happen to have an un-issued Canadian Rifle Stock Filing Jig the jig is pushed into the receiver screw socket and a stock measurement is taken, then the locking wing nut is locked.

Then a new bushing is placed into the top of the filing jig and then filed to length.

As an added bonus I have some photos of a fellow New Zealanders (RodgerNZ) No.4 Enfield Regulated (accurized) by Fulton’s of Bisley.

Please note the trigger guard bushing was removed and deleted by Fulton’s.

Your fellow New Zealanders should be able to tell you where to get your Enfield parts needed, if someone would find Beelzebub he has a very good gunsmith with a shop full of parts.;)
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