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Minnesota CCW

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I've been meaning to get qualified for my CCW for quite a while now, but have never had the time to pursue it seriously. I did a quick search on Google, and I see plenty of people who offer the course, but I would like to hear from the people here. Have any of you Minnesota people taken classes in the metro area? I'm looking for bang for the buck, if you will, but I am more than willing to pay more for a top-flight outfit. Even if they aren't in the metro, I'm willing to drive a ways. I'm originally out of SW Minnesota, so that would be most conventient, but other places would be fine.
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My brother in law and I took our first class 5 years ago from Joe Olson. He is a law professor at Hamline Law School and was one of the authors of the original bill. Joe scared the hell out of us with all the legal consequence from using a weapon in an altercation, whether you fire it or not. After his class I wasn't so sure that I wanted to carry after all.........
We just took another class to renew our license from another guy. Neither instructor ''graded'' our targets. Each had us shoot from various positions and distances (21 feet and less) watched for proper gun handling techniques and just made sure we were hitting paper. I do not carry anywhere near as often as I thought I would. With all the ''This establishment bans guns'' signage out there it is extreemely inconvenient to carry AND obey the law. It is especially frustrating to attend one of our gun shows only to find signs banning loaded weapons and yes, they do make it clear that it includes carry permit holders. What a bunch of hypocrits and I don't buy the argument that it is the building regulations that drive it.
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