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Miltex S. E.

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I just picked up 9X18 miltex se satin nickle or chrome except on slide faces where it is bright high polished. I read these pistols came in around 98 and sold for $250.00 and up depending on options. What I want to know is back then how much could you really get one for. How many were made with this finish.This pistol has been on GB off and on for a while and the price was $500.00, but I did some trading and everybodys happy. This mak is just so nice to look at. It did not come with the other numbered mag,flat grips, or box, but was able to find a long finger rest mag like the one with it. the mag is numbered -1, but does not match the numbers on my -2 mag. I am glad I got it before anything else got missing or swapped out. Looks unfired.
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Very handsome gun. Congratulations! You did very well.
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