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I was looking over my milsurps spreadsheet and realized it is 2 years, nearly to the day, since I bought my first milsurp. The first was a 1938 98k RC from Empire Arms. Thanks Dennis!!

In the past two years, I've acquired: (and sold a few)

8 91/30s
5 M91's
1 Russian SKS
2 Gew 98's
1 Serbian M24
1 98k
1 M95 rifle
3 Enfields
2 Comm. 1888's
2 M39's
1 M27
1 M1 Garand
1 nagant pistol
1 98/29
1 M96 Swede

Seems like it has been much longer than 2 years! And I wish I had double the number of milsurps.

Anyway, Gunboards has been a significant part of my education and enjoyment of collecting and shooting milsurps.

Many thanks to all of you responsible for making Gunboards what it is, and to all of you who participate on the boards!!


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averaging 15 or so per year....that's a pretty good average
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